Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Faith vs. Fear

Here we again see Peter's personality of boldness and rashness and his love for Jesus and faith in Jesus. Faith that is strong and fierce one moment but weak and doubtful next moment. But in the end, he knew Who alone could save him from peril.

O Lord, please increase our faith...please grant us vibrant, childlike faith...
faith that is shown by our action
faith that steps out in obedience even into the unknown or the impossible (the supernatural)
faith that does what You say even when it's against all odds or logic
faith that desires to go to You and to imitate You
faith that realizes You empower those You call
faith that focuses on You, not on circumstances or difficulties
faith that overcomes fear or gives us courage and confidence in spite of fear
faith that believes and trusts in Your goodness, faithfulness, love, and power without doubt
faith that sustains us in the midst of the storm
faith that gives us peace, knowing we are always in Your presence
faith that reminds us that all we need to do to get help is: crying out to You, Jesus
faith that reveals how weak & helpless we are and how desperately we all need You to save us; for without You, we all would be sinking in sin and death!

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