Monday, February 14, 2011

Review: LillyMae Bag

I often use a fanny pack but it does not look feminine like a purse. Well, now I can have a feminine-looking fanny pack, thanks to LillyMae Bags. I picked the green/brown flower strip design. Isn't it so pretty? I know I'm not a teenager but I still like this style :).
When I first got it, I was a little concerned about the size because I like to have necessary things with me when I leave the house. Wow...guess what I was able to pack in this little fanny pack. My coin purse, camera, key chain flashlight, business cards, a pack of tissue, and mp3 player! I really like the adjustability of LillyMae bag. You can wear it as a fanny pack, a purse, or a cross-body bag.  It's also practical and convenient; there is a side eyelet through which you can connect your headphone cord to your mp3 player.

LillyMae Bag is great for shopping, exercising, working, traveling, etc. You can be active and stylish at the same time :). There are several styles to pick from. Black fanny packs are available for men. You can also adjust the strap size to fit children. Check all the cool & fun styles out at .

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~ I received a Lillymae bag for free from via Family Review Network in exchange for my honest opinions.

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