Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #31

It's time for another Friday's Fave Five (hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story).

My Fave Five this week:-

1. I was stunned by how God confirmed something to us. Our jaws dropped (figuratively speaking) when we heard through a stranger. He never ceases to amaze me!

2. A free movie night at the local library was a treat. We enjoyed Toy Story 3 last Friday.

3. We've had lots of fun with a remote control helicopter that we got from trading in our 6,655 tickets at Wunderland (an arcade).

4. Free class/webinar on Wed.(provided by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine): Biblical Genetics by Dr. Robert W. Carter from .

5. DVD: Homeless for the Holidays. You can read my review here.


Casondra said...

It's always a blessing when we hear God speaking to us.

Love Toy Story 3....such a cute movie.

kari said...

I really enjoyed Toy Story 3 too.
I love it when we get confirmation from God.
He is a good God.

Carrie said...

Movie nights at the library can be a lot of fun! A free viewing of Toy Story 3? That's awesome!

And isn't the way that God works just amazing sometimes (most of the time?) =)

Hope you have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Laura said...

He amazes us by just being Himself, doesn't He?

I love Toy Story 3 -- except that it makes me cry, but it's a good cry...

Willow said...

What a great thing #1 is!

And isn't it fun when you get something for free?

Brenda said...

Movie night at the library sounds like a lot of fun. That movie sounds interesting too, I always like hearing about new good movies :)

Susanne said...

#1 made me smile. God works in the most unexpected ways.

I love Toy Story 3. We saw it at the theater with 3 other ladies. We laughed and we cried. Great ending to the the series.

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