Sunday, November 21, 2010

DVD Review: Homeless for the Holidays

Homeless for the Holidays is based on a true story that the writer/producer/director and his family experienced. It was made on a small budget; some of the actors even worked for free.  My family and I were quite impressed with the quality of the production and the quality of the actors' performance.

This movie is centered around the ups and downs of Jack Baker and his family. Jack, an ambitious marketing director, enjoys his rapid success at one moment and then the next moment he faces a crisis that changes everything. From the lifestyle of "have-plenty" to "have-nots"! After a long string of desperate job searches, he gets a job that barely pays enough for him and his family to survive. His bills keep piling up and finally, he and his family end up being homeless during Christmastime. The beautiful generosity of a young girl and a conversation with a stranger make Jack Baker pause and think about his past, present, and God's purpose for his life/future. He realizes Baby Jesus was also homeless and many people are homeless during this tough economy. Instead of focusing on their circumstances, he and his family seek to bless others. They learn the joy of having less and giving more. They embrace the joy of being together and spending time bonding as a family. We find this movie to be entertaining and inspiring. There are many witty and funny lines that made us laugh out loud. This movie speaks about the message of hope, faith, family, joy, and contentment. Watching this movie made us more thankful for what we have and reminded us to pray for and help out the homeless more. By the way, we think the actor, Matt Moore, who plays Jack Baker, looks and acts like Adam Sandler :). If you and your family are looking for a family-friendly movie you can enjoy together this holiday season, check this one out.

The DVD can be purchased in select Christian bookstores and online at .  You can also watch the trailer on their website.

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~ Team Buzzplant provided me a free copy of this DVD for an exchange of my honest review. I am not obligated to write a positive review.

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Adain Andrews said...

I know Matt Moore personally and I can tell you he's a wonderful man!

A Must-See Video for Every Christian

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