Sunday, September 4, 2011

Review: Toweligator

What do you call an alligator that holds a towel? Toweligator :)!

DiMart, LLC. has invented this clever beach and travel accessory--the Toweligator®. Have you ever been frustrated with trying to keep your towel in place at the beach on windy days? Or trying to keep your belongings (such as cell phones, eyeglasses, or mp3) from getting sand all over? The solution is the Toweligator!

The Toweligator is a bendable alligator clamp that grips tightly with its teeth onto a beach towel or accessory and you can bend its tail to secure it down into the sand. You can also use one or two Toweligators to hang a wet swimsuit or a wet beach towel up to dry on a chair.

The Toweligator is practical and cute :)! It comes in various colors: green, pink, blue, and yellow. You can be really creative with its versatility...think: flexible clamp. We enjoy going to the beach and will definitely take our Toweligators along. Because we have not had a chance to visit the beach yet (since I received the Toweligators), I tested them out by hanging a damp towel to dry on a chair. I'm very pleased with my Toweligators. The tail is easy to bend and the clamp has good grip. In addition, the Toweligator has become my youngest son's new fun toy :).

~ I received a pair of Toweligators for free via Family Review Network in exchange for my honest review.

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