Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Different Gifts

Here Paul listed seven gifts of grace given by the Holy Spirit: gift of prophesying, gift of serving/ ministering, gift of teaching, gift of encouraging/exhorting, gift of giving/contributing, gift of leading/governing, and gift of showing mercy (compassion). These gifts are to be used to meet the needs of the Body of Christ. There are more spiritual gifts than these. All gifts and abilities are from God. These gifts are not for us to show off or to compare or compete with other people's gifts or to elevate ourselves with. We should value and appreciate one another's gifts. Don't envy others' gifts. Everyone has been given some gifts. The believers' gifts are not to be laid up for selves but laid out in service. Don't hide them. Use them to serve God & others with humility. Do you know what your spiritual gifts are? Try this test and see if you agree: . In all faithful and give glory to God!

"But as we must not be proud of our talents, so we must take heed lest, under a pretense of humility and self-denial, we are slothful in laying out ourselves for the good of others. We must not say, I am nothing, therefore I will sit still, and do nothing; but, I am nothing in myself, and therefore I will lay out myself to the utmost, in the strength of the grace of Christ. Whatever our gifts or situations may be, let us try to employ ourselves humbly, diligently, cheerfully, and in simplicity; not seeking our own credit or profit, but the good of many, for this world and that which is to come." (Matthew Henry)

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