Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #14

It's time for another Friday's Fave Five (hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story).

My fave five this week include:
1. Art Show and pet store.  We had a great time walking around downtown during the art show and visiting our local pet store.  We saw many different kinds of animals such as birds, bunnies, tortoises, snakes, tarantula, fishes...even piranha.

2. Gardening is fun (okay...maybe not weeding :)).  This week, I planted marigold, forget-me-not, columbine, cosmos, and more.

3. Birdwatching.  We really enjoy birdwatching here.  So many birds come visit our birdfeeders and birdbath.  We've seen black-capped chickadee, American goldfinch, black-headed grosbeak, Western scrubjay, white-breasted nuthatch, pileated woodpecker, etc.

4. Outdoor school.  I love it when the weather is nice and we go outside to do school (we homeschool so we can choose to do school anywhere :)).  Yesterday, my youngest son was learning about ferns, mosses, and parts of flowers in his science book.  We looked at the real examples from our garden.

5. The Peasall Sisters: Family Harmony DVD.  I didn't think I would like bluegrass and country music much but these sisters sing and play instruments beautifully.  They are a homeschooling and God-honoring family.


Melli said...

I never home schooled - but when I was a substitute teacher I took advantage of EVERY opportunity I could find to move the classroom outside! The other teachers thought I was nuts and wondered how I could get ANYthing done - but it was GREAT! NONE of the children were gazing out the window! They loved being outside!

This sure sounds like a good week to me! Nature, gardens, God & music ... what more do we need?

Susanne said...

I love garden flowers and love planting them but once the bees and wasps start hanging around I am outa there. LOL.

You sound like a wonderful homeschool teacher. My kids love when they're classes go outside in the nice weather.

Carrie said...

I was home schooled growing up in Texas and outdoor school was unpleasant! =D (HOT!) However, now that we're in Oregon and I have my own kids - being outside is a wonderful thing! I'm loving it!

Sounds like you have had a very pleasant week and I hope your weekend is just as calm and cozy!

ellen b said...

Sounds like your weather has been nice. I've been enjoying a lot of the same things...some gardening and bird watching
Have a great weekend.

Laura said...

Hurray for great weather! I've been looking for a way to take my students outside this week.

Happy weekend.

Willow said...

When we were homeschooling, we'd go from Fireside Academy in the winter to Garden Academy in the spring!

Great faves!

Dee said...

Marigolds are one of my favorite flowers. You can pinch off the dying blooms and they just rebloom again and again. What a great thing.

Jerralea said...

I just planted some flowers last night myself. It's awesome when we can enjoy God's beautiful world! I'll be out there in it, until it gets too hot!

Brenda said...

Outdoor schooling is fun. I home schooled my kids briefly, and always enjoyed the days when we could be outside under a shade tree.

Sounds like a good week.

Robin said...

I was doing FFF for a while and have stopped because I was busy. I enjoyed reading about your week. I need to make time to recap and be grateful for my week.

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