Monday, August 5, 2013

Love That Is Better Than Life (Psalm 63)

- This is a psalm that David wrote when he was in the wilderness (desert) of En Gedi, in flight from Saul.
- David earnestly sought God and his soul was thirsty for God.
- David's confidence was in God because he had experienced God's presence and had
seen God's power and glory.
- To David, God's unfailing love is better than life itself. Therefore, he continued to praise God and sing praises to Him even in the midst of great distress.
- His soul was fully satisfied/filled/nourished by God.
- David turned his sleepless night into a worshipful time with God. He lied awake thinking of God and meditated on Who God is and what God has done.
- David remembered and acknowledged that God had helped him and protected him. He chose to cling to God and rest in God's loving & mighty hand which had kept him safe and secure.
- David trusted God to deal with his enemies. He himself chose to rejoice triumphantly in God because he knew God was on his side and he was on God's side, the winning team .
- To ponder: When in distress, what's our default mode of reaction/response? Panic or pray ? Do we seek God and His wisdom? Do we thirst for Him and His righteousness? Is our soul fully satisfied by God alone? Or we still try to fill our emptiness with possessions, entertainment, food, recognition, etc.? Where are our hope, rest, and confidence? In God or in people or in things? Do we truly believe that God's love is better than life and then live accordingly? Whom or what do we cling to? What do we do during sleepless nights? Dwelling on worries/anxieties? Instead, we should pray and give God all our concerns/burdens. Thoughts of God will calm our soul and lead us into true rest. Do we trust God to deal with our troubles and our enemies?

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