Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Seek God (Psalm 53)

- Psalm 53 echoes Psalm 14, later partly quoted in Romans 3:10-12.
- It talks about the universal sinfulness of humans (all have sinned) and the foolishness of atheism (you can watch a new documentary, "Evolution vs. God", online for free at ).
- Fools refer to people who are morally deficient/people who reject God, the only One Who can save them.
- People may say there is no God in order to have an excuse to continue in sin and to avoid the responsibility/the accountability for their sin.
- To be truly wise and understanding is to seek God in every situation (look to Him continually for help and guidance).
- Without God, people live in constant fear and anxiety ("overwhelmed with dread when there was nothing to dread").
- On the contrary, those who trust God rejoice and are glad.
- God restores His people. Even now He is still in the business of restoration.

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