Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Seven Minute Difference

Have you ever wanted a change, dreamed of a change, or even expected a change but nothing has changed?  Are you the kind of person who has made New Year's resolutions year after year but has never been able to keep them?  This book, The Seven Minute Difference: Small Steps to Big Changes, by Allyson Lewis is for you.  She offers a simple concept that can bring the results you desire.  Although the book is written with business-related people in mind, anyone can benefit from it.  The author points out that the average corporate executive only has a 7-minute attention span and that she came up with her purpose in life in 7 minutes.  The key here is not the 7 minute but the actions/activities you can complete in small chunks of time.  She calls these, "micro-actions" (a.k.a. baby steps/ bite-sized actions). This book will help you discover your purpose and passions and also help you recognize your goals, priorities, strengths, & dreams and show you how to use those to your advantage.  I like the Seven Minute ideas and micro-actions suggested throughout the book because they are easy (doable) yet effective if put into action.  I'm glad to see that the author puts her faith in God and her relationship with her family above work and wealth.  The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner is really cool.  It's a hands-on tool that will help you be more intentional about how you spend your time and how you move closer to your goals by your actions.  It aims to help you prioritize, organize, and simplify so that you can live the life you want.  Ready for a real change?  Remember...don't change just for changes' sake.  Only change for improvement...for growth.  To learn more about the 7 Minute Life System, check out

~I was given the book and the daily planner by Team Buzzplant for my review.  

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