Friday, July 2, 2010

Being a Host Family for a Weekend

Last Friday, we welcomed a Korean exchange student into our home. Her Korean name is Nabin and her English name is Clare. She is 22 years old.  She spent the weekend with us. We had a wonderful time. We found out she's a sister in Christ. We took her to Calvary Chapel Worship Center on Saturday evening. A taste of heaven = Christ's followers from different nations joyfully worship the Lord together :)!

"Practice hospitality." (Romans 12:13b) I've discovered that my 16 yo daughter, Alyssa, has been blessed with the gift of hospitality, in addition to her many existing gifts :)!  She enjoyed having a temporary older sister.  Clare and Alyssa talked, played games, and baked cookies (Chocolate Chip Craisin Cookies)together.  Clare also let Alyssa listen to her Korean music.  She wrote our names in Korean characters.  She showed us pictures on her blog.  Clare taught us Pebble Pick-up game (similar to Jacks).  We taught her three card games: Rich Man-Poor Man, Speed, and Golf.  We also played Whoonu, Gobblet, and Jenga with her.  We watched Fireproof .  We hope she had a pleasant time here and will stay in touch.  We will be attending Korean Night on campus and saying goodbye to her on Wednesday.

Clare and other female Korean exchange students stay in this house while on campus.

Korean Gifts from Clare

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