Saturday, April 5, 2014

Everyday Confetti by Karen Ehman & Glynnis Whitwer

Who has time and energy to plan activities and come up with engaging ideas for all the special events throughout the year? I don't see many hands raised :). Well, be encouraged; this book is every busy woman's dream resource! Everyday Confetti is a year-round guide to help us celebrate holidays, birthdays, milestones, and ordinary days. It is filled with fun activities, creative ideas, and yummy recipes. I'm excited and eager to try them out. I really like the Book Basket gift idea on page 178. This book will help you look for everyday opportunities to enjoy celebrating life, loved ones, and God's goodness. It even includes ways to stay connected with older children and children who are away at college and ways to reach out to others who are facing hard times.

Different moms share about their personal experiences. It's an enjoyable read. I also learned about some new special days I had not heard of before such as Best Friend's Day (June 8th), Book Lover's Day (August 9th), and Left-Hander's Day (August 13th). The only thing I wish it had is pictures. I'm a visual learner so pictures of crafts and good eats would be enormously helpful :). I still think it is an excellent, practical book which I'll be looking up again and again. The ideas are doable and easy enough to follow. Every family should own this book. It will ensure you be ready to entertain and make memories on any given day. Celebrations don't have to be elaborate or expensive.You can indeed celebrate every day!

"The everyday moments are the ones that are treasured in the hearts of those we love." (p. 12)
"Our home can be a place of nurturing, a place where children grow up confident in their worth, a place where a husband feels respected and a friend feels loved, a place where God is honored." (p. 12)

~ I received a free copy of this book via The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


slfinnell1965 said...

That looks like a very good addition to my collection! Thanks for a great post! from a to z bloggers

Debbie Deupree said...

What a great find, thanks for sharing this book. Reading about this books makes me wonder of the creativity parents must tap into in order to come up with activities for kids, not just for special occasions but year round. Thanks again for sharing!

Nayna Kanabar said...

Sounds like agood book with lots of things to learn from it.

Paige Hamilton said...

This looks like an interesting book. I'll have to see if I can find it. Always nice to find Christian encouragement. :)


Kim said...

Hi! We did Karen Ehman's Let.It.Go. in our online Bible study! I love her! Thanks for sharing this. :)

mytropicalhome said...

Looks like a good book. Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge. Wishing you all the best!

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