Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Game Review: Charlie Church Mouse Super Pak

Charlie Church Mouse Super Pak includes a 3-game set: Preschool (for ages 2-4), Kindergarten (for ages 4-6), and Early Elementary (for ages 6-8). Kids learn age appropriate skills through 18 exciting Bible stories such as Jonah and the Whale, Noah’s Ark, Three Wise Men, Birth of a Savior, The Prodigal Son, Queen Esther, Daniel and the Lion’s Den, David and Goliath, Ruth, and more. Lessons cover colors, shapes, numbers, letters, measurements, addition/subtraction, spelling, synonyms/antonyms, time, etc.

Each story has fun games. In the story of Ruth, there is a game where Ruth tries to gather grain while avoiding the birds and the mole. It is similar to Packman. This was one of my son’s favorite games. Another game from the story of Daniel and the Lions Den teaches kids how to tell time. The animations are colorful and lively but aren’t realistic. For example, in Zacchaeus & The Big Tree, they had a car and in David and Goliath, David’s dad called him on a cell phone telling him to go bring his brothers food and the food he brought was pizza. I recommend Charlie Church Mouse Super Pak because it is educational and entertaining while instilling kids the Biblical accounts that will stay with them throughout their lives. Great value!

~I received this CD-rom for free from LB Games in an exchange of my honest review. LB Games produces quality PC-based Christian interactive games for children, teens and adults. Their games are supported by Focus on the Family, the Billy Graham Center and many preachers who appreciate that their games provide a healthy alternative to other violent games. I share their approval.

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