Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Game Review: LEFT BEHIND: Rise of the Antichrist

Left Behind: Rise Of The AntiChrist is a really fun adventure game. We’ve actually never seen the Left Behind movies or read the Left Behind book series. But that didn’t keep us from enjoying the game! It must have taken a lot of work to design all the buildings and people in the setting of futuristic New York City. The graphics are excellent. A word of warning: Don’t start out without going through at least part of the tutorials. It will leave you frustrated and confused. Once we figured it out, we spent literally hours recruiting people to our cause, building everything from an international bank to a mission training center to a cathedral to a coffee shop and more! It was fun to create helicopters, Abrams tanks, and Humvees with our weapons depot. You can train new friends/recruits to be builders, worship leaders, spies, missionaries, snipers, prayer warriors, and more! They all serve a specific purpose and have different cool things that you can make them. You’ll have to play the game to find out exactly what ;). There are different levels that a person can go through to become a more advanced version of their trade. For example, you put a "friend" inside the clinic and make him/her into a medic. Then, you put him/her inside the mission training center (where the advanced training happens) and you can make that person into a nurse and then a doctor. By the way, the medical profession is important for healing those who are injured by the enemy. Speaking of the enemy, that’s where things really get exciting! Battling the forces of evil (demons and minions of the AntiChrist) through prayer and weapons shows our need to fight both physical and spiritual warfare. You can take command of 3 forces: Tribulation, Peacekeepers, and the American Militia. Over 45 missions and over 40 unit types!

Our computer (where we installed this game) is not hooked up to the internet so we didn’t get to try the multi-player games but I’m sure they’d be a blast, too. The box says that you can choose to play with up to 7 friends online for free. This game is appropriate for teens and up because of violence (fighting/shooting).

~I received this CD-rom for free from LB Games in an exchange of my honest review. LB Games produces quality PC-based Christian interactive games for children, teens and adults. Their games are supported by Focus on the Family, the Billy Graham Center and many preachers who appreciate that their games provide a healthy alternative to other violent games. I share their approval.

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