Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Game Review: Keys of the Kingdom

Keys of the Kingdom is an interesting brain puzzle/logic game. You go through different levels solving puzzles, trying to get the brick with the lock and the brick with the key to come together. It gets tricky as the levels pass by! There are bombs and pulleys that make the puzzles more complicated. Like-colored bricks blow up if you pull them together. A Bible verse pops up between each level. There are 100 levels. My daughter likes the pretty sparkles that happen whenever you click on something. We’ve enjoyed solving the challenging puzzles and being encouraged with God’s Word. We’re looking forward to helping Sir Lancelot succeed in freeing the people from the oppressive king. The journey to the King’s castle is filled with puzzling adventures :). Lots of fun for everyone!

~I received this CD-rom for free from LB Games in an exchange of my honest review. LB Games produces quality PC-based Christian interactive games for children, teens and adults. Their games are supported by Focus on the Family, the Billy Graham Center and many preachers who appreciate that their games provide a healthy alternative to other violent games. I share their approval.

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