Sunday, January 2, 2011


MiniMonos is a fun virtual world for kids, focused on sustainability and generosity. Founded by a mom and entrepreneur Melissa Clark-Reynolds in New Zealand, MiniMonos welcomes children from around the world to create monkeys and play on MiniMonos (which means Little Monkeys in Spanish)!
This is not an ordinary virtual world.  It helps kids to be aware of how to take care of our earth while each new membership provides clean drinking water for children in India.  What a wonderful concept this is!  In addition, when they hit their first 50 Gold members, they adopted an orangutan baby for a year.

I was given a free 6-month Gold membership in exchange for my honest review.  I signed my 9 year old son up.  He has had fun exploring and playing MiniMonos during our holiday break.  First, your monkey (your child's avatar) gets to select a universe: Star Tiger, Bounty, or Cyclops.  Then there are so many cool places to explore: Treehouse, Einsteins Lab, Traderz, Carlos, Time Square, Mutts Gallery, Hana Cove, El Rio River, Compost Zone, Bea's Place, Butterfly Meadow, Long Beach, Avanga Cave, Recycle Center, Castle Beach, Bimini Rocks, Kittyhawk Bluff, and Leatherback Lagoon.  When your child plays games, he/she will earn banana chips which can be used to buy clothes, toys, things to decorate his/her house and yard, etc.  For example, in the Holiday Catalog, you will find Christmas trees, wreaths, toys, costumes, and more.  You can also design your own holiday cards.  Games (Monkey Flight, Monkey Fist, GoGoGreen, TicTacPoo, Monkey Swim, R.A.T.S.) are fun, clean/safe, and help kids think.  My son's favorite game is Monkey Fist; mine is GoGoGreen :).  The whole virtual world of MiniMonos (including all the games) meets my approval.

Go green, have fun, and help others...great combination, don't you think ?

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Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for grandparents and caregivers said...

Looks interesting. My grandkids and I enjoy fun with Webkinz stuffed and virtual animals at Webkinz World. Plus we've even used pictures of some of their Webkinz animals like the panda, giraffe and Tiger snake to illustrate some of the Bible memory verses. Very fun as well. :)

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