Thursday, October 2, 2014

Prideful Heart

- The Lord detests all the proud in heart. Pride/haughtiness is sin and an abomination to the Lord. He abhors our arrogant attitude, self-conceit, and self-righteousness (spiritual pride). Even if we may appear humble to other people, we cannot fool God; He can see whether our heart is prideful or not. Pride can come in many different forms. Do you wish others treated you better because you believe you're important (ex: Haman)? Do you expect others to admire you? Are you defensive to correction and instruction? Do you feel you deserve more recognition? Do you want to impress people, instead of blessing them? Do you think that you're always right? Pride says, "Look at me and what I've accomplished!" Pride says, "My way or no way!" Pride puts self above God and others. "Pride comes from looking only at ourselves; meekness comes through looking at God." (~Billy Graham) "Pride consists not in wanting to be rich, but in wanting to be richer than your neighbor. It is not in wanting to be noticed but in wanting to be the most noticed. It is not in wanting to have things but in wanting more things than others." (~Billy Graham)
- Pride is people's blind spot and pitfall. Pride is ugly, foolish, and dangerous. Pride leads to disgrace (Proverbs 11:2), breeds quarrels (Proverbs 13:10), leads to punishment (this verse), leads to destruction (verse 18 in this same chapter), and brings one low (Proverbs 29:23) James 4:6 says that God opposes/resists the proud but shows favor (gives grace) to the humble. I certainly don't want God to oppose or resist me and I definitely want God to show favor to me. That's why it is so important for us to humble ourselves before the Lord. "O then, my friends, beware, above all things, beware of pride! Beware, lest you indulge it imperceptibly, for it is the most secret, subtle, and insinuating of all sins!" (~Edward Payson)
- Prayer: Father, thank You for each breath that I take! All I have that is good is the gift of Your grace. All that is good in me is what You have done for me, in me, and through me. Please give me a humble attitude like Christ's and help me to put others above myself. Please purify my heart and get rid of all pride, arrogance, & stubbornness. Help me to have a servant's heart and thankful heart. May my life, words, and actions point people to You and glorify You! In Jesus' Name, I pray. Amen.


Measi said...

Here via the UBC...

I confess that I find such outward faith expression a bit confusing, particularly from Christians who were instructed to pray in private. But it's probably because I come from a different background in Christianity that has led me down another path.

May you find peace and comfort in yours,

Lily Leung said...

I respect your beliefs and I am Catholic.

I try to live by the 4 Agreements as set out by Don Miguel Ruis.

1. Be impeccable with my words.
2. Don't take anything personally.
3. Don't make assumptions.
4. Do the best I can.

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