Saturday, November 11, 2017

Philippians 3 in Poem

Dear Brothers and Sisters
Watch out for false teachers
Beware of counterfeit Christianity
They disregard Jesus's sufficiency
Adding works & merits as required for salvation
True gospel relies solely on Christ's grace and redemption

Christians in spirit and truth worship God
We rejoice and glory in Christ our Lord
Put no confidence in the flesh or self-righteousness
Trust in Christ and His finished work on the cross we confess

Paul had plenty to be proud of and boast about
But he considered all garbage to be thrown out
Nothing can compare to knowing Christ
Is He your Joy, Passion, and Delight?

Forget the past; press on to win the prize
Stay the course; keep fighting the good fight
No one is sinless but we can sin less
May God help us grow in Christlikeness

May we live our faith out loud with integrity
May our words and actions bring God honor and glory
May we conduct ourselves as citizens of Kingdom Heavenly
May we be filled with joy, knowing we'll be with Christ for eternity

Whatever hardships you may be facing
Whatever wealth you're accumulating
All things of this world are quickly passing
Focus on things above and serve the King of kings

~ Copyright 2017 Urailak Liljequist
Note: You can read my Philippians 1 in Poem here and Philippians 2 in Poem here.

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