Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Reading Thing 2010

I enjoy reading, especially non-fiction (it will be obvious in my list :)).  I'm also a book reviewer for several publishers; therefore, most (if not all) of the following books will have my review of them eventually (I'll link the titles to my review posts when each one is ready).  Here is the list of books I plan to read this spring:

- On Guard (Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision) by William Lane Craig
   Besides the Bible, apologetics books rank up there among my favorites :).

- What He Must Be (...if he wants to marry my daughter) by Voddie Baucham Jr.
   I'm reading this one with (to) my husband.

- Storylines (Your Map to Understanding the Bible) by Andy Croft and Mike Pilavachi

- 52 Things Kids Need from a Dad (What Fathers Can Do to Make a Lifelong Difference) by Jay Payleitner
   I'm a mom, but I'll be sharing the info. with my husband who is a dad.  My husband is too busy to read :).

- This Little Prayer of Mine by Anthony DeStefano, illustrated by Mark Elliot.  A picture book I'll be reading to my boys.

- The Secret Holocaust Diaries (The untold story of Nonna Bannister) by Nonna Bannister with Denise George and Carolyn Tomlin

- Real World Parents (Christian Parenting for Families Living in the Real World) by Mark Matlock

- The Value of Values by Ed Gagnon

- Fear to Freedom: Victim to Victory by Rosemary Trible

- Just Like You (celebrations of life from every continent) written by Marla Stewart Konrad, illustrated by Lin Wang
  This is a picture book for children ages 4-7.  I'll be reading it to my kids.
- Restoration Road by Mitch Kruse with Derek Williams

- A Woman's Walk in Grace by Catherine Martin

- Let's Have a Daddy Day by Karen Kingsbury
   This is another children's book.

- Way Back in the Country Garden by Kay Moore

I'm sure I'll be adding more to this list as time goes on.  If you would like to see what others are reading, visit Katrina at Callapidder Days and 5MinutesforBooks. Have fun reading!


Susanne said...

Those all sound so interesting. Happy reading!

Nise' said...

Great line up for your reading pleasure. Jay Payleitner was in my town talking about his book.

Lisa notes... said...

I've been wanting to read "What Must He Be". I love listening to Voddie B., so I'm guessing the book will be wonderful! Enjoy your books.

Anonymous said...

These look like great reads!

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