Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #4

It's time for another Friday's Fave Five (hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story).

My fave five this week include:
1. Attending our niece's baptism.  I was so happy and excited for her.

2. Getting my teeth cleaned.  I know you might think it's weird but I enjoy going to the dentist.  I like to relax in the reclining chair and pray or listen to the music (thanfully, my dentist and his crew are Christian and they only play music from a Christian radio station).

3. Getting packages in the mail.  It seems like I've been getting a package pretty much everyday because I'm a book reviewer for several publishers.  Have you seen my latest review for the book, One Million Arrows?  It's a must-read book :)!  I also just posted another book review and giveaway at my other blog.  You can win a copy of Mother-Daughter Duet or Dancing with My Father.

4. Surprising others.  I enjoy giving and making things to surprise people like my secret sister at church and now getting ready to send a surprise package to a fellow homeschool mom (part of a swap fun at the Homeschool Louge).  My theme for my package is "Spring Forward with God's Peace and Joy."

5. Costco.  One of my favorite stores.  We go broke whenever we go there but we are stocked up with yummy food.  I wouldn't mind camping out or being stranded at Costco :).


Jerralea said...

It's interesting that you love to go to the dentist ... I can't say I share that as a favorite!

Surprising people is fun, so is receiving packages in the mail. I love that too, along with personal emails from my friends. I get so excited to see one come in!

I've never been to a Costco, sounds like fun!

Susanne said...

LOL. I totally relate to the dentist thing. I'm nervous when I first go but then I almost fall asleep in the chair. Strange, I know.

I'm loving the Costco store too. I love all the different things they carry.

More Than Conquerors said...


Just want you to know that I posted the poem "It's in the valley I grow" which you shared with me and it is a blessing to many! Thanks for sharing it with me. I am so thankful that God is with us through all the changing scenes in life, and though the valley experiences can be painful, it is there that we grow in the Lord. Praise Him! Take care and have a blessed weekend!


Faith said...

Going to the dentist would NEVER make my fave five list...glad someone out there enjoys the dentist :) I have seen a couple of good reviews about the book you mention.....i'll have to look for that..i think it's something my husband and I would both enjoy. blessings to you

ellen b said...

Baptisms are a favorite of mine. I love them even when I don't know the people being baptised. It's hard to get out of Costco without spending a bundle!!
Have a good weekend.

LeAnn * ~ See Great Things said...

I love Costco too, and I always spend way to much money as well. :)

Brenda said...

Costco is a fav of mine as well, but I could never get myself to relax in the dentists chair. Good for you though! Sounds like a good week.

Karyn said...

What a great, varied list! baptisms to dentists...LOL.

Packages in the mail are wonderful - and so are surprise gifts to give....I love them both.

Costco is a great place to spend lots of $$$...or save lots of $$$, just depending on how you look at it.

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