Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Product Review: LifeDiscipler

I absolutely love my new toy :). The LifeDiscipler is an innovative hand-held electronic device for Christians to stay connected to God's Word throughout the day.  Often we get so busy during the day that we don't think about God or what He wants us to do.  This cool gadget keeps us focused on His Word, instead of our circumstances or troubles. It provides life answers from the Bible (44 different life subjects with more than 1,500 verses from 5 different modern translations). You can leave it on default setting or customize the subject (topic) and time interval for sending verses (every 15, 30, or 60 min.).  An audible alarm goes off (at the interval you set) letting you know that a new verse is on the screen. I always welcome "this interruption" :).  Examples of the subjects included are worry/stress/anxiety, temptation, suffering, hope, purpose, anger, children, marriage, etc.  You can fit LifeDiscipler in your pocket or you can clip it to your purse, backpack, keychain, etc.  It is very easy to operate.  I delight in God's Word and love memorizing Bible verses; therefore, I am quite pleased with LifeDiscipler.  It gives you options to add verses to memorize and/or to favorites.  You can also select a subject that you may need guidance about or when you're looking for the right verse(s) to help encourage others.  If you would like to find a unique, meaningful, uplifting Christmas gift for a brother or sister in Christ, I recommend LifeDiscipler.  You can never go wrong with feeding him/her God's Word!

As a bonus to my readers, Tony Guard, the developer of LifeDiscipler, offers a 20% off coupon code "GROW20" that will be good until Dec. 30, 2010.

~ I was provided with a LifeDiscipler by Team Buzzplant for an exchange of my honest review.  I'm not obligated to write a positive review.

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