Monday, June 17, 2013

Favoritism Not Allowed (James 2:1-4)

- Believers in Jesus Christ must not show favoritism/partiality/ prejudice. All people are equal in God's eyes. We should never judge people by appearances and/or accomplishments. We should never favor the rich and powerful over the poor and weak. It is inconsistent to hold to the Christian faith and at the same time show partiality.
- Favoritism is sin, whether the distinction is made over economic, social, educational, physical, political, or national differences. It says in this verse that with evil thoughts, we are deciding that one person is more important than the other (the rich man receives special treatment).
- According to one commentary, "Have you not discriminated among yourselves?" means "Are you not divided?" This division is between profession and practice...between the profession of Christian equality and the deference to status and wealth. By such action, they reveal themselves to be unjust judges with evil thoughts.
- God wants us to love everyone and makes everyone feel welcome!
- Personally, I'm guilty of wanting to treat poor people better than rich people :). I guess that's favoritism, too.

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