Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Take Note of This! (James 1:19-20)

- This is a very important advice for Christian living. Be a good listener. Watch your tongue (think before you speak). Control your temper (do not become angry easily). Have nothing to do with filthiness and wickedness.
- To make it relevant to previous verses: Be quick to listen to the Word of God, be slow to speak/blame God for your trials and temptations, and don't get mad easily when things don't go your way/when you face trials. That's not the response God wants.
- When a Christian gives vent to wrath, he/she is incapable of acting righteously/exemplifying the right kind of living that God desires. Apparently, it doesn't please God. Do you think a Christian who seems to be angry or grumpy all the time will make an effective witness for the Lord...will draw people to Christ? Very unlikely.
- It doesn't do much good to hear God's Word, hold our tongue, and be patient then turn around and engage ourselves in all the world's filthy lusts and pleasures. We must get rid of all these evil desires and deeds. We need spiritual consistency in every area of our lives.
- Pull all the weeds out and let the seed of God's Word that's planted in your hearts blossom! Continue to receive God's teaching in humility/with meekness.
- Let's put James 1:19 into practice daily! Our family and friends will be very grateful and feel loved. Essentially, these are some ways we show our love: taking time to listen attentively without interrupting, carefully watching what and how we communicate orally (words can help, heal, or hurt), and not being easily angered/annoyed/frustrated/irritated.

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