Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wisdom (James 1:5-8)

- We can always use more wisdom, can't we :)? Indeed, we need God's wisdom to do God's will. This is not a one-time thing. God doesn't fill us up with His wisdom once to last our whole lifetime. We must come back to Him again and again. This helps us understand our dependence on Him and it also builds our relationship with our Heavenly Father.
- When we're facing trials, we need God's wisdom to know how to deal with them, how to endure, how we can have joy in the midst of them, and to see what God's purpose is in those trials.
- There are two conditions/requirements for receiving wisdom: 1. Ask God for it and 2. Believe/don't doubt.
- God could simply give us the wisdom but He requires us to ask for it so that we recognize our need for it and we understand & acknowledge where that wisdom is coming from.
- God is generous and He enjoys giving. He wants to give us wisdom because He is a loving Father desiring to see His children live a blessed life.
- "Without finding fault" = without reproach, without reminding us how we don't deserve it, not begrudgingly
- "Double-minded" = indecisive, wavering in mind, insincere, can't be trusted, uncertain, two-faced, divided in his loyalties
- "Unstable in all they do": Doubters are unsteady in all they do. Faith or lack of faith (doubt) will affect everything...our character, feelings, thoughts, actions, and prayers.
- God is a jealous God. He wants only our single-minded/undivided devotion. Doubt in our communication with God (our prayers) hinders our relationship with Him.

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