Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tempted and Disobeyed

- Satan tried to make Eve think that sin is good, pleasant, and desirable. His tactics today are still the same.
- Temptation often starts by seeing something we want. We must flee/run from those things that produce evil thoughts/desires.
- It's bad enough that Eve thought the fruit looked good and sounded good but she followed her desires with action. What if she recognized her desires but repented and refused to act upon them...? It's important for us to remember that whenever we're tempted, God provides us a way out. We must take the way out. No excuses, whatsoever. No lingering. We always have a choice to obey or disobey.
- Sin entered the human race when Eve and Adam succumbed to Satan's lies and temptation. Isn't it interesting that the Bible says "sin entered the world through one man"? Adam seemed to be held responsible for our sin mess. Adam, who witnessed the whole episode between Satan and Eve, chose to follow Eve in rebellion against God's will and command. When God questioned them, Eve blamed Satan and Adam blamed Eve (and God for putting her there with him). Yes, Eve gave the fruit to Adam but Adam didn't have to eat it. We must take a responsibility for our own actions! Quit blaming Satan and others for our sinful behaviors.

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