Friday, July 12, 2013

Pride and Self-Righteousness (James 4:11-12)

- These verses talk about the sin of pride & self-righteousness (which leads to judgment), and tongue trouble (slander).
- "Brothers and sisters, do not slander one another." Do not speak evil of one another (that means no badmouthing, no unfairly criticizing, no being derogatory, no uttering malicious reports).
- When we judge our brothers and sisters in Christ and speak against them, we're putting ourselves in God's place, setting ourselves up as the Judge of God's children. In the meantime, we're insulting and speaking against the Law, not keeping it. We're judging the Law to be inferior to our own personal law which apparently approves slandering.
- God is the only Lawgiver and Judge! He alone can forgive and show mercy to those who have broken His Law or punish those who do not repent. Don't try to take God's job. Who are we to judge, condemn, and punish other Christians (by hurting their feelings and their reputation with our words) based on our own version of justice and law?
- "Do not judge" is probably one of the most misunderstood phrases in the Bible . You can read more about this issue on my blog at . We're commanded to confront, rebuke, correct, and lovingly redirect those who violate God's law (Matthew 18:15-17; Acts 20:31; Titus 1:10-16). However, the rebukes should never consist of badmouthing/ slandering but should be done with love, grace, gentleness and motives meant to restore that person.

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