Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wait Patiently (James 5:7-9)

- James tries to give an encouragement and counseling to the oppressed poor...that they should bear patiently their social and economic situation in view of the imminent return of the Lord. Be patient with other people, even the oppressors of the world because Jesus will return soon and correct all wrongs!
- One day the Lord will return and all suffering will be over. Let's keep our eyes and our hearts fixed on that glorious day! Christians ought to be patient and stand firm (not give up hope) when facing adversities.
- Be patient like a farmer. The farmer patiently waits because he understands the process and realizes it takes time. His expectations (of the final outcome) and his knowledge cultivate patience. We, too, can be patient because we know how it's all going to end and realize that we must wait until the Lord returns.
- "Stand firm": a firm resolution, an unbreakable conviction, a purposeful effort to endure until the Lord matter what the world and Satan throw at us.
- While we wait for the Lord's return, we're warned not to be grumbling against fellow Christians. Quit griping one another. We're on the same side/same team. Jesus prays for the unity of the Body of Christ. Let's love one another and edify one another, instead of complaining/grumbling.

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