Monday, July 1, 2013

Tongue Trouble (James 3:5-8)

- Just as a small spark can destroy an entire forest, our tiny tongue can corrupt/defile the whole body and destroy lives (ours and others').
- All sorts of evil such as envy, pride, greed, deceit, hatred, idolatry, blasphemy, etc. find their expression through the tongue.
- People can tame all kinds of wild animals yet cannot tame their tongue. The tongue is an out-of-control, unruly, wild, restless evil, full of deadly poison! The tongue is a primary cause of difficulties and failures as we walk through our daily life. It's definitely a struggle for all of us (more so in some people like me :)). We can't tame our tongue but God can! We need to pray for God's help and we must constantly evaluate the words that come out from our mouth.
- In 2009, I wrote a blog post titled, "Taming the Tongue". If you're interested, you can check it out at
- The tongue is truly powerful. It can be used for good or for evil. Here James points out the destructive power of the tongue. Mean words, careless words, and/or untrue words have wrecked many families, divided the Body of Christ, and led many people to shame and despair. We should look for opportunities to encourage, edify, and bless one another with our words. Let's speak words of gratitude and of grace to one another. In our families, let's speak loving words of encouragement, appreciation, and affection to our husbands and children. Words are powerful tools that can be used to build people up or tear people down. Let's use them wisely and for God's glory!
- Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, You know how much I struggle with my tongue/words. Please fill me with Your Spirit so that I can speak kind and loving words to all. Please give me patience, grace, humility, gentleness, and thoughtfulness to bless others and show Your love with my words even when the kindness is not appreciated and/or not returned. Please grant me wisdom to know when to speak and when to keep silent. Please use my words to heal others & give them hope and to glorify Your Name. In Jesus' Name, I pray. Amen.

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