Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sin of Omission (James 4:17)

- What a great concluding statement ! James is warning his readers who are Christians. They know that humility and dependence upon God are essential in Christian living but if they refuse to do it, they choose to sin. No excuses!
- It comes back to putting your faith in action again. Do what is right (in God's eyes/according to God's Word)! If we know the right thing/the good deeds we ought to do but we don't do it, we sin (commit sin of omission). Sometimes sin of omission can be trickier to pinpoint than sin of commission (doing what we shouldn't do). We're more aware of the things we shouldn't do because we would be ashamed of them. But how about the things we should be doing but we don't do? Satan loves it when Christians become complacent, inactive, divisive, self-reliant, worldly, lazy,...pretty much ineffective and useless for the Kingdom of God.
- Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, we love You and desire to obey, please, and honor You in all we do and say. Please give us eyes to see where and how we may be a blessing to others. Please give us Your love for those around us. Please forgive us for times when we should have done something but we didn't. Please empower us to do all that you call us to do. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.
- The song "Give Me Your Eyes" by Brandon Heath came to mind. I'd like to share this video (with the song) my daughter made 2 years ago (a slideshow of her short term mission trip onboard the Logos Hope).

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