Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday's Fave Five #97

It's time for another Friday's Fave Five (hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story)

My Fave Five this week:

1. Starting on June 2nd, I have been participating in 2 Bible studies (offered by Good Morning Girls) with 2 different Facebook groups. One is Colossians and the other one is based on a book, You Are Loved by Sally Clarkson and Angela Perritt. I have enjoyed both and I have posted my thoughts and what I've learned on this blog daily (except weekend). One of my passions is: studying God's Word. The more I know God, the more I love God! The more I love God, the more I want to know God!

2.  Below are some of my favorite quotes I've discovered this week:-
"Holiness is the visible side of salvation." (~Charles Spurgeon)
"The omnipresence of God--gracious antidote to every earthly sorrow!" (~John MacDuff)
"To be loved by Jesus--is to be preferred before the possession of a world!" (~James Smith)
"Trials are not enemies of faith, but are opportunities to prove God's faithfulness." (~Unknown)

3. A nice break in the middle of the week. My husband took this past Wednesday off work. We took our youngest son to have his eye exam and pick out his eyeglasses, we all had our teeth cleaned at the dentist's office, we signed up for summer reading at our local library, and we enjoyed yummy treats at Dairy Queen.

4. Today marks the 70th anniversary Of D-Day! Check out some fascinating "then-and-now" photographs here! Very cool.

5. I'm currently having 2 giveaways: 1. You can enter to win 1 official "The American Bible Challenge" t-shirt and 1 11x17 official Season 3 poster on this blog at . Ends 6/7 (tomorrow at midnight Pacific time)! and 2. You can enter to win a copy of When Calls the Heart "A Telling Silence" DVD on my other blog at . Ends 6/14. Very low entries on both.


Melissa said...

Great quotes! I've heard some of them before, but the others were new to me. I'm glad you're enjoying your Bible studies - I really enjoy mine too. I love the music on your site by the way, very calming and relaxing.
Have a great weekend!

Faith said...

I love a good Bible study!! Yours sound great! Yay for getting family things done in the mid week! Enjoy your weekend!

Willow said...

Excellent quotes! Charles Spurgeon is a fave of mine.
Two studies at one time is a lot--last spring I did three and it was too much. But like you I love to study God's Word!
Have a blessed weekend.

Susanne said...

I love collecting great faith building quotes. Thanks for sharing the ones you found this week. Finding a great bible study and community of people to share it with is a blessing. We're working on finding a new one for our ladie's group for the fall.

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